Are blogs a thing of the past?

I recently started a blog about raising kids with emotional intelligence. One of the topics that I have gotten really good feedback on was the idea of an e-book and course about the life lessons that kids learn through piano lessons. I am curious if you think it would be shooting myself in the foot to blog about the topic before I put out my course and e-book. Do you think people will pay for something like that if they know they can get the basic information about it for free?
The e-book and course will be much more detailed (obvies) and will help students to really internalize the lessons, making them better pianists and understand how to use those skills in other aspects of their lives. 
So what do you think? Do I save my secrets for the course and e-book and not post about it before I am ready to launch?"

Definitely save your secrets for a paid resource. However, blogs can be a great way to whet your audience’s palettes and actually get them excited for what’s to come in your course and ebook. So, ending it with a ‘I plan to make a full course on this subject that goes into more detail, would you guys be interested’ is a fool-proof way to drum up some anticipation.

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If your blog has a strong SEO, it will show up in more organic searches and generate traffic to your website, increasing your overall brand visibility. So while it makes sense to save your best content for a paid resource, a blog is a great idea to show off your knowledge and expertise on the topic and get yourself in front of the audience you want to sell to!

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I definitely agree with you @ananya !

@ananya and @madhulika you guys are awesome! Thank you for your time to respond to my question! :grinning:

It seems that you received some great responses already. But I also wanted to share my 2 cents with you.

Just like everyone else said, yes do start writing about this topic and you can talk about it through stories.

It can be:

What you started noticing in kids behaviors after taking piano lessons

How you came to realize that piano lessons provided life lessons to kids

5 different ways piano lessons have helps kids in their life

How piano lesson affects a kids development how that shows up, which could connect to why piano lessons are excellent for children’s life


Basically experiencal and benefit focused blog posts with a sprikle of data driven information if your audience are into that.

That way it can also remove any concern ( if you had any) about giving it all away in your blog posts.

I hope this helped!

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You can share some information before the launch to attract attention.

Have an opt-in form too for those who are interested to get when you are ready to launch later.

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Thank you for your responses @Evansjan22 and @RenFranz19 ! I appreciate it! :slightly_smiling_face: