Do you create a specific mail for your blog or create a generic one that you can use every week?

I’m kicking off my weekly content TODAY :partying_face: I’ve got my blog up and am getting ready to send an email to my small-but-existing list. For those of you who do this, do you craft an email weekly that is specific to your blog? Or do you send something more generic so that you can use it every week?

Congratulations on starting your weekly content! I write a weekly blog and maybe this is the lazy way of doing it but I just add them each week to my new subscriber automation - so no one misses out on content, they just go through the process and get their content weekly but it may be a couple of months after the blog was written. The only time I send out a “new” email to subscribers is when I have something immediate to say eg a new podcast episode or something like that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Congrats! You can definitely keep the content of your emails similar and just change out a section every week

When I did a blog, I basically sent the first couple paragraphs of the blog post in the email with a read more link to take them to read the rest. I would try to intentionally write with a “curiosity break” question that would leave them hanging and get them curious to want to read more.

I’m still new to sending weekly content, but I’ve been trying to share a little bit more personal/back story in the email versus what I have in the blog post. I thought this might help my readers feel more connected to me and to help them look forward to my weekly emails! !:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

I write a weekly blog right in the email, and then a longer article every other week that I send an email out to announce and provide a link to. In the weekly blogs I often link to other articles I’ve written. I just started doing this. Several blogs I follow do something along this line i.e Mark Manson and James Clear and Jon Acuff. I have about 100 subscribers and I’m getting an open rate of 21 to 36% on the short blogs. I’m just trying to build a following, and next month I’m going to do a FB ad with a lead magnet. I have three of them that all lead to my website to download. I have no idea how this will all work out, but I’ll keep at it.

I send an email that’s specific to the blog…a teaser that gets them to click through.

Thank you @felise356 , @ananya , @Evansjan22 , @Janine @LewisC926 @gabflorence11 ! It’s helpful to hear everyone’s experience, too. Helps with setting my expectations.