Do you post in your group as your page? Or under your personal profile?

Hey everyone, just a quick question for the group. Thank you!

Hey Felise! It depends. If you’re sharing something related to your business, it’s probably best to post as your page. However, if you’re sharing a personal story or want more of a personal interaction, go for your profile!

My personal profile, because I didn’t have a reason to make a separate page for my name since I’m already on so many platforms. This also makes it easier to recognize me as my personal name is my online alias (which is the name in my business name) and different to my legal name.

When starting off = personal profile!

Once you’ve grown - then you can move onto business page!:slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your advice @ananya and @Janine !

@Fhey This is really my biggest reason for the question-Do I want my personal name to be promoted or my business name (Which I use for my other socials).Thanks for your response!

In the group, I post as my page but my followers know my real name. On social media e private group followers will see my answers as my business name but they know my real name through videos, stories and some posts, private chat, etc

@felise356 I would go for your business name. For example, my business is called studio Vienne (my bio mother’s name), my name is Fhey. There’s no correlation, but my social media alias has always been Fhey, so the minute people see that on any platform, they know who it is. It’s basically my brand. If your target audience knows you by your name, you can go with that, or if your target audience knows you more by your company name or page name then I would do that. It’s really whichever works for you.

Makes sense thank you @Fhey !

Thank you for sharing @Evansjan22 !