Do you recommend discounting a course on the last day before the cart closes?

Hi folks, I launched my course and webinar 3 days ago. Had a few sales. The post-webinar messaging has gone out 3 hours after, 24 hours after, 48 hours after and later today (72 hours after). The cart closes tonight. Everyone that registered for the webinar is now on my list and will receive emails from me for the next 15 weeks.

So here is the question. Does anyone recommend discounting the course on the last day before the cart closes? For example, my course is $297.00. I was thinking about discounting it to $197.00 or $247.00. Is it better to get some revenue than to not get any? What are your thoughts?

Hi Ren! Discounting on the first and last day always seems to work best! So definitely try discounting a course slightly to catch everyone who’s been on the fence about joining.

You could, but I almost always prefer to offer an extra bonus. Discounting on the last day feels like you’re punishing people who were decisive about purchasing your course, and you never want to do that.

If you do want to do a discount, it’s better to do it in the beginning. And if you’re worried about capturing lost sales, then consider running a downsell sequence to hot leads that didn’t purchase. Perhaps, a lower tier option.


Thank you @ananya ! :grinning:

@Eman sounds like a plan for me, thanks a bunch! Yeah, I think it would be better if I would give a discount at the beginning. I think I would also encourage people to sign up on my next course too using an extra bonus, thank you for the idea! :grinning:

NO NO NO! Once you do that, no one will buy your course until the last day next time, and you will piss off everyone. Build in “scarcity” instead on that last email as in “the cart is closing and I won’t do this class again for X months and maybe next time it won’t be this affordable” etc.

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If you think price is the barrier, I would suggest offering a payment plan or some kind of financing. Generally this increases the price of the course total.

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Never discount. Always ADD value.

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No. Do not devalue your course. Stand by your pricing. You could perhaps make a mini course and then offer a incentive to people for a hefty discount to the course.

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Instead of discounting on the last day what about creating an urgency about the increase in actual price after a certain number of days (your deadline), This will attract last day buyers to buy before the price goes high and that’s also kind of feel rewarding for ones who have purchased earlier, that they got at less amount. Win-win, I suppose?

Nice idea! Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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