Has there been an email sequence that worked really well for you?

Hi everyone, I would love to hear some success stories and what you think made it successful.

A relatively simple 8 email sequence with intro to offer - elaborate on offer - elaborate further -check-in email - FAQ Email - 3 Cart Close has always worked really well for us when we’re launching! It isn’t too extensive but still enough to keep our customers engaged.

I give access to a course for 7 days. The drip includes giving them free Masterclass links, making them aware of our group and private programs, then asking them at day 8 if they took advantage or procrastinated? I remind them it’s not their fault (mental load), and offer a free month in my Bootcamp (group). I had zero conversions when they got access permanently. 7 conversions since limiting access, and it puts them on autopay. I give them 30 days to cancel. It’s zero risk. Someone who is that steeped in self-sabotage needs a baby step. So far they are all glad they joined and planning to stay in !:blush:

@ananya and @Fhey , thank you for your ideas! I’ll give it a try and hopefully it will work well on my case. :pray: