Have any of you done audio only interviews?

Hey everyone! I’m new to the group. I have a question, ? I got a yes from a really famous author to interview him on my podcast, but he is blind and can only do audio. We live in different states and I am just looking for the easiest, most affordable option. I currently use Anchor to record my podcast. I really appreciate any feedback.

Zoom or Google Meet. Not sure if the author can use that or not, but if they can, easy to do with recording built in. Author doesn’t even have to be on camera. Then you take the audio and edit, and upload to Anchor. I have a friend who does his podcast this way.

I love using Zencastr. It’s free and will automatically upload your audio to your Dropbox file and saves a backup. The quality is great because it doesn’t take up the bandwidth that zoom does. It’s desktop only and not compatible with Safari.

Awesome thanks for the tips @copyflightco and @RenFranz19 ! :slightly_smiling_face: