How can I encourage more people to sign up on my online course?

I have a lead magnet, how do I get it in front of people to have them sign up? I have put it in my blog, on all social media, asked people to share…what else can I do?

What’s your conversion rate like - out of 100 people visiting your landing page, how many sign up?

This answer will tell you if it’s your landing page that’s failing to hook people or if it is traffic that’s the issue. Is the lead magnet an expansion of one of your most popular blog posts or is it one that stands alone?

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Hi @amber honestly, I don’t have many people visiting my landing page. :cry: :cry: :cry:
The lead magnet I’m using is a stand-alone. I hope you can give me some advice on how I can improve. :tired_face:

Are you confident in the lead magnet being something that your audience truly needs? Have you identified exactly what benefits it provides? Can you write a blog post that then leads into your opt-in? If you don’t have much traffic across the board, getting people on your email list will be a struggle, so increasing traffic flow may need to be your first focus and then growing your email list be your second.

Based on your ideal customers, I’d make sure that you’re on Pinterest with a business profile. Make sure you’re pinning your blog posts as well, and add an email signup form to the bottom of your posts to capitalize on the traffic.


My suggestion

  • Grow one of those social media platforms… as that platform grows as will your email list

  • If you’re not growing one of those platforms… you’ll just be hitting the same ppl

  • So pick one platform you want to grow and go hard out at it!

eg for me - i’m putting a lot of work into this Facebook Group! Because I know as I grow this FB group my email list will grow too ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Create a kickass post and create excitement in other FB or community groups…

Everyone, thanks for sharing your ideas! I’ll definitely give it a try!