How can I encourage people to sign up to my course?

Question- I launched my course a few days ago. Used Facebook (and ads), Instagram, and a mailchimp list plus a great discount- $100 off for the first fifteen people to purchase.
No leads, no msgs, nothing…
I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’d hire a coach I just don’t the funds. Pay check to pay check. Any tips or recommended would be soooooo appreciated.

PS. I had 5 beta students take it and loved it. Posted all those testimonials too.

Try promoting a mini-course! If you have the means, definitely pitch to podcasts in your niche and other blogs and ask them if you can guest/write a guest post. Also, work with course creators in your niche to offer package deals for your course.

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@ananya thank you for the generous information! I’ll give it a try! :smiley:

A potential client needs to get to know you, and see your name/brand on average 7 times before they make a purchase. Play the long game. Save money for next month’s ads. Are you offering a giveaway for people joining your mailing list?

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It takes more than a few DAYS… Give yourself a chance.

Run a beta group, get feedback.

Change your language on the sales page.

Send people to a lead magnet, not a paid course then upsell through an email sequence.

It takes a lot more than a couple of days to get this stuff right.

@Fhey Yes, completely agree. I’ve just been trying to get people to watch the webinar right now and my sales email sequence is 5 days. :grinning:

@RenFranz19 there are 3 things that make your offers easy to sell.

1). Desirability
2). Positioning/ messaging
3). Pricing

1). Was your focus group willing to pay in the beta round of your course? 2). Did you tweak your positioning/messaging with what you learned from your student’s feedback? 3). Is your offer 10x the price you’re asking?