How can I promote my content on social media?

I’m starting from zero, and developing my 60-day content plan this week. I understand I’m supposed to promote my content “on social” — but I’m hazy on what exactly that means. Should I create a Facebook business page, a private group, a public group, or _____? And whichever it is, how do I help people find it without paid advertising? Also, if you’ve already succeeded at this, how did you do it? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

My favorite resource for this is Foundation Inc and Ross Simmonds. He calls it Content Distribution.


You can start by launching a public group and promoting it to your email list. If you have an instagram, aggressively cross-promote. Once you have your desired audience, you can then use your public FB group to promote a more intensive private one!

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Thank you for the link you provided @copyflightco , I’ll check it out!

@ananya nice idea! I’ll try that. I don’t have an Instagram at the moment but since you mentioned it, I’ll also make one in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

You need to either create the following blog/podcast/YouTube /Facebook live.

Each has its own unique learning curve inorder to rank so as to be visible and be found by your ideal customer.

You need to choose one platform and specialise on that particular platform religiously.

But if you choose Facebook as your platform, you need to do Facebook lives directing your audience to your landing page.

Thanks, @Evansjan22 !

I’m gonna start with Facebook. Do I do this with a business page, a private group, a public group, or _____?

The strategy which worked for me was to create a blog post and offer a leadmagnet as a content upgrade. I never tried promoting a sales page for a freebie though I know that Amy teaches that.

My main traffic driver is Pinterest. Plus I have a pop-up on my website which also works.

@JorgeCruz usually most Facebook lives are on a business page but to be simple just use your normal Facebook account to achieve the same.

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@Evansjan22 thank you! I appreciate your advice!