How can we market our online Yoga training and other courses?

We have put together the most awesome online Yoga Teacher Training and other courses and finding it very difficult to reach the rest of the world. Have you used affiliates to market your courses?
All feedback will be gratefully accepted. Thanks.

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There’s a world of studio owners and fitness enthusiasts out there who are looking for a teacher training course. Affiliate marketing is a great way to get to them and get them to take notice of your course. You can also share a free mini-version of your course and market the hell out of it via FB ads!

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@ananya thank you! Super helpful! :grinning:

Online Content and/or Ads to build a warm audience —> Ads to an event —> Live Webinar or 1-2 day event —> Sales

There’s a lot of work that goes on the background though…

You should study:




Build Your Promotional System Work On Lead Magnet. Study What is Working In Your Industry Like 2 Hours Live Webinar Or Mini Class Or 1-2 Day Live Event.

Create Hook For Your Webinar.!:fire:
Create Webinar Script

Build Your Traffic Generation System.

Work On Conversion

Grow more.!:heart:

What i can advise is to really give more details on what your website is. Educate them more on what you are offering, show testimonials of who have you worked with and what the results are or benefits of your program, or what problems are you gonna be solving for them, then create a strong call to action.But do this first if you…

  1. You know your audience very well.

  2. Address what their fears and desires is

  3. You should be able to speak to their language.

If you know your audience very well. Then you wont have any trouble at all. Clarity is key first…

Thanks so much for this I really appreciate it!

Thanks so much for the feedback I really appreciate it.

Hey @LewisC926 , so its not so much the best way to market It’s just how you want to progress and the best way to ensure your converting your market place.
First thing is first you defiantly need to have a full marketing structure in place, Live events, webinars, free lead hooks are great. Everything designed to make sure you get their details.
Then onto retargeting.
The one thing I see course creators not doing nearly every single time is actually selling their course on the phone - its insane because you miss out on every single sale that your marketing misses out on.
If you just rely on your marketing funnel to do all the selling then you are only going to sell to your ‘Perfect Avatar’ - a person who is literally ready to buy the product/service/course no questions asked and who is in the ‘Purchase Zone’
Now that could be 1 out of 100 people that go through your funnel. that’s great you got a sale, but turn your thinking around…what happens to the other 99 people that your marketing funnel was to generic for to tick off the questions they might have before buying.
If you allow people to make a ‘micro transaction’ such as booking a call or reaching out to you then its a qualifier, so out of 99 there will be at least 10/20 who want to talk to you first and you can then ask the right questions to find out what their goals are, why they are looking into a course like yours (identifying the pain) then helping them make the right decision based on the information they have given you.
Lets say out of the 20 you manage to sell to 5 of them, that’s great because this might be every week you are now selling 6 of your courses as apposed to 1! think about what that could do for your business. This is of course an example and for your courses as they are brilliant and affordable you would want to make this an impulse buy so within the call you need to work on building the excitement levels and you’ll have a much better conversion then the rough 6%
With the course creators I help in the fitness industry within the same price point you’re looking at about 25-35%
Make sure within you funnel you have the ability for you prospects to reach out to you (This is called a microtransaction and its a qualifier on who out of your lead list is a ‘Hot Lead’ and worth calling immediately) :

  1. Book a call
  2. Open to receive a call
  3. Email questions
    Out of those three you always want to aim for a call/online meeting.
    One thing to always remember is that a sales call has 3 outcomes:
  4. Yes
  5. No
  6. Growth
    Never let yourself go away from a call thinking well that was just a ‘No’ always learn from a call and that way you can develop your skill very quickly.

Here to help if you need anything else.

Hi @JorgeCruz Wow thanks so much for all of this valuable information It makes so much sense to me

Thanks so much I do have a very good idea of my audience so It seems that with everything I need to be more clear.

Good copywriting attracts. You always highlight their desires so that your message resonates with them well