How can you convert trial users to paid users especially when the company is brand new?

We are a brand new company and a few weeks away from launching a unique coaching/masterclass concept in the real estate space. We are hosting a free, 1 day live virtual event the day before and using it for our main lead magnet and with it. We will have a few hundred trial users and we gave each participant the option to get a free 30-day trial to our platform. What tips do you guys have on encouraging trial users to become paid users?

Offering exclusive content that only paid members can unlock is a great way to ensure people stay on. Of course, it’s impossible to expect a huge number of trial members to convert to paying ones, but try using exclusive offers and content to your advantage. Best of luck!

Sounds like a nice idea! Thank you @ananya , I’ll give it a shot! :grinning:

Just to add…

A ) I find $1 first months work better than free trials (I know that doesn’t help you now… but something to split test later)

B ) Give them some sort of bonus for continuing on if they sign up during their trial process…

Eg sign up before the masterclass and also get bonus A, B and C!

Make the 30 days amazing, deliver on all promises, treat people like people !:grinning:

awesome ideas! Thank you @Gabby and @jaynah1208!