How do I launch a paid offer to my FB group members in a way that won’t send them running for the hills?

Hi everyone, I’m about to launch my first offer to my Facebook group members. However, the group so far has been primarily about advice and support on the issue in question. How do I launch a paid offer to them in a way that won’t send them running for the hills? TIA!

First off, make sure that the offer is something they’ve genuinely expressed interest in in the past and that it will add value to their lives. From what I understand, it seems like you’ve already taken care of this bit. Then, introduce the offer super gradually through a ‘drip’ sequence where you talk about your offer and then give it some ‘rest’ days so your audience won’t feel bombarded.

Solve their pain point. Don’t sell, solve their problem and they’ll be happy to receive your offer. Buying is first an emotional decision, then a logical one. After you show them how you will solve their pain point, show the value you’re offering so that it’s a “no-brainer” decision to buy, a deal they can’t pass up.

Do a free mini training (3-5 days)inside your group. Give tons of value in relation to what you paid offer. And on the last day, in the last 15-20 minutes, make the paid offer. Does that make sense?

Make it so good they want it. Believe in it so much that YOU know they need it.

Then be authentic.

I appreciate your responses! Thank you @ananya @JorgeCruz @Janine and @RenFranz19 ! :smiley: