How do you enhance the health of your email list?

I always hear others talk about your email list not being about numbers, but more about the “health” of that list - so how do you enhance the health of your list?

I know a big part of it is making sure your lead magnet is attracting the right crowd, but I’ve also heard people talk about how many responses you get back from your weekly email (and that the number of responses is more important than your open rate). Right now I don’t get many responses - when I do, they are very positive, but it’s maybe only a couple responses per month out of s list around 2000.

What are your strategies to get more engagement? Do you ask a question that people can respond to? I’d love your ideas! Thanks in advance!

Ask questions! A big reason email lists aren’t healthy is because the emails are too one-sided. Try asking questions and adding engagement-based CTAs to your email to get more people to write back to you. We’ve found that asking for questions for a social media Q&A session works great, as does asking for feedback.

First and foremost I created a Facebook Group. That’s where all your engagement is going to happen.
I just told my Group that our task for the week was to clean up our email list and Facebook Groups.

  1. Get rid of any neighbors, friends or family who aren’t your potential clients or ideal customers. They’re throwing off your “suggestions”.
  2. Add call to actions to your emails. “Click here” “Download now” “Respond to this event” “Join my FB Group”
  3. Get rid of any hard bounces and unsubscribes.
  4. Lastly, I suggest adding automations to ALL your emails. This is what I do to gage the “healthiness” of my list.
    Tack an automation onto the email itself and tack an automation on to any links in your emails. They’re the best thing since wifi.

@LewisC926 thanks so much for these suggestions! When you say to put an automation on all emails and on the links, are you referring to something that gives you a statistic for how many people open the email or click the link? I use Convertkit and it does that automatically for me, but I just want to make sure I understand correctly what you’re referring to in case there’s something else I should be doing in addition to what convertkit automatically does.
Also, I’m glad to hear it’s normal to not get a ton of replies! I do think it wpuld be good for me to go through my list and do a little cleanup though. Thanks again for your response!

@ananya thank you for your suggestion! I appreciate it! :slightly_smiling_face:

@gabflorence11 I set automations that tag my subs into categories. So when I do my audits, I filter by who opened what or who clicked on which link. If I notice a pattern of individuals who never clicked on ANY of my emails, I remove them from my email list. Does ConvertKit automatically tag and categorize your subs? If so, I definitely need to switch!