How do you handle posting in your FB groups?

I want to keep the brand personalized but I don’t want to actually have to be the one posting everything.

For those of you with teams or VAs, do you:
Share your personal FB login with someone else?
Make your team member an admin of your business page and have him/her post as that?
Have your team member post from his or her own account once you’ve introduced them to the group? Or have them use a special hashtag or other way to identify themselves as a team member when they post? Something else I didn’t mention? Thank you in advance!

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We’ve found the easiest way is to make your team member (or members in our case!) the admin and then have them post. They can log in through their own accounts (so no messy issues of having to open incognito tabs or having to log out and log in again and all that) and post at their own convenience.

Definitely what I was leaning toward - wondered if there was anything I was missing !:slightly_smiling_face: Thank you @ananya !

I would go with no3. The reason is that we all have our own tone of voice and we don’t write the same way. Our styles differ, choice of words etc. If I were to have a VA who would assist me manage my FB group, I would like my audience to know that and to gain trust. Groups are much more personal then posting on a FB page. The mutual trust is what keeps the group together. If my group knows ‘the secret’ they will trust me more and not wonder who is actually posting from my FB page account.

No1 is out of the question.

There is a 5th option, to open a separate FB account/profile. But I wouldn’t go that far for a group of a few hundred people and 1 VA. Maybe for a larger team but I would introduce my VSs to my audience definitely.

Groups are all about trust and honesty when it comes to managing.

@LewisC926 Thank you! That very important trust factor has been part of the discussions about our options as well.