How do you keep engagement up & convince people to check into your community consistently?

Hey folks! Quick question for those of you that include communities as part of your offering: If you don’t have a FB Community (either Kajabi,, or a private forum) how do you keep engagement up & convince people to check into your community consistently?
I’m not really keen on creating a community within FB as that gives them total control over a very important piece of my business. However, I also understand that FB is a site that is being visited several times a day by my client, and having the ability to grab their attention with a notification where they already are is invaluable.
What ways have you encouraged your clients/customers to check back into your community often enough to keep engagement at a decent level?

Hmm, it is harder without an FB community, but being present on ANY social media platform is valuable. So, if you feel like Instagram is more up your street, ask for engagement there. Same with Twitter.

If you want to bypass all of them, make sure you’re sending weekly emails (something like a newsletter, for example) and including tons of CTAs to get your audience to respond and interact with them.

Facebook is a bonus, you do not own it. You can nurture your audience and give them the why. Your how and the parts of your business you don’t want host you do so else where (where depends on what parts of your business you do not want on the platform).

Thank you for giving alternative community options @ananya I realized that using weekly emails will also be a good tool to engage my folks.

@LewisC926 I understand all of that, thankfully! The fact that I don’t own FB and ultimately have zero control over what they decide to do with my community (if anything should happen) is why I’m looking at alternative community options.

I have a few that I’m looking at, but as I sit and think about my clients, I realize that having a separate community away from FB (benefits me & them as I have more control, etc) could potentially make it more difficult for people to engage. If they have to go to another website & login somewhere else, that’s more work they have to do than if I had a FB Group and they just logged in where they already are & saw a notification. FB Groups would be much easier to incorporate into my clients life, but doesn’t really work for me from a privacy & control perspective.

That’s why I’m wondering how people who don’t have communities on FB Groups keep up their engagements & get people to come back to their community site consistently. I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear in my post!

Remind them about it in your emails, or highlight a certain discussion that was happening in your community, to make them curious to go there, wherever you decide to have it.

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Collect email as your group question and you’ll feel differently about the group… your email list is what helps sell.

@Janine My group is only going to be for people who have already bought a product of ours so I will have their email address. It’s a complement to our main products by offering weekly creative prompts for new photo ideas, photo feedback days where we evaluate photos, and more.

@Evansjan22 have you considered zoom for live weekly check ins. Or youtube live as a community in private mode

Ooooooooo good thought.