How do you price your courses? What methods do you use?

Hey everyone! Newbie here. Hoping to hear your thoughts on this.

Hey Jorge! I’d suggest at looking at some of the biggest courses in your niche and seeing where they’re priced at. Secondly, look at the length of your video content, your resources, and the value you’re adding to your niche and price accordingly!

Hi @ananya, thank you for the generous information! I’ll do that and will let you know how it went! :grinning:

Depends on niche. But all my courses I price at first very low, to get them in. I don’t really make money on selling courses, I make money on coaching them AFTER they are inside already. Any fool can make a course today, it’s so simple and easy. But what do you do after with those people who paid to get in? (some teach backend upsale, which in most cases just another brainer from buyers perspective) So there is no DONE answer to that, could be different strategy for you.

Pricing always comes down to this three aspects:

  1. Your audience

  2. Size of the problem you are solving

  3. The delivery of the course

So for example let’s say you are an expert in postpartum nutrition.

Your audience is soon-to-be and new moms, this audience would pay anything to solve a problem that involves the health of their baby.

Let’s say the problem is… they don’t know what foods they should eat when they are lactating, they want to nourish their baby and to keep themselves healthy at the same time. That’s a big problem

And now for the delivery of the course, let’s say you include 3 easy to follow modules on nutrition + a cookbook with hundreds of recipes + 4 personalized coaching coals + access to a group of other moms that can support each other

That’s an offer that you can sell easily for at least $1k. The reason is simple, the size of the problem for that particular audience is huge!

So the value of your offer exceeds the actual cost of the course (and you can also count the cost of doing nothing)

Hope this was clear and gives a new perspective to your question!

Wonderful ideas! Thank you @Fhey and @gabflorence11 !