How do you sell your courses?

There is one more thing which I would like to know about your courses is-How do you sell your courses? Organically mostly since you already had a community or using sales funnels also like ClickFunnels? And in either case what trainings/coaches would you recommend? I don’t know about them so just curious…

Ideally, your course is born out of need in the market (so people have come up to you asking for a particular course), so mostly creators do have funnels in place. However, as for the additional marketing stuff (Ads, emails), you can check out Terrain. It’s the world’s first course platform that does all of your marketing for you, so you can be truly hands off!

Hello @ananya thank you for your time to respond! :grinning: Wow! I’ve never thought Terrain can do the marketing stuff for me. Can you provide me a link or a guide within Terrain on how I can start with that? Thanks!