How long before a challenge is appropriate to start promoting?

Originally I was going to promote for a month but now I realize that I need somewhere to send them before I open up the FB group. Should I just send them to an opt-in page and send an email when the group opens? TIA! :pray:

Yes, you should have the group set up as soon as you invite to the challenge, even before it starts. You could just put in pre challenge prep content or things they need to do to get the most out of your challenge.

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As soon as all your moving parts are in place (all your landing pages, FB group etc)! Again, as mentioned, make sure you have pre-challenge prep content, which can be a week-long slow introduction to the challenge

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We run ads/promote anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks before the our launches! We open the group as soon as we start ads and drip 1-2 posts a day of inspirational/anticipation content ahead of launch (if we are doing a pop up).

I know people are squirrel brain, so I worry you won’t have them join the group if any time passes between the original interest and asking them to join a group.

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Thanks so much @felise356 @ananya and @John_Dewey ! This makes a lot of sense and I’ll definitely be trying your advice! ![:pray::raised_hands: