How long should I promote a lead magnet?

Hey! Nice to be here. I’ve just started my course building journey and building an email list from scratch. I wanted to ask the question: How long should I promote a lead magnet? and when should I move onto a new one? I’ve already posted about it on a few platforms should I start paying for ads to promote it beyond my followers? Thanks.

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You can definitely start paying for FB ads if you have the bandwidth to. Ideally, a lead magnet is something you promote alongside your course. I’d say around 3-4 promo emails for your lead magnet is more than enough.

Are you building your list for a specific purpose? Like an upcoming launch? Or is this general list building?

If it’s the former, then I’d say a minimum of 4 weeks with maybe $1k or so in ads. Unless you have amazing website traffic, in which case you can skip the ad spend. If it’s the latter, then keep your lead magnet up and continue promoting it for as long as it converts.

To add to @ananya 's point, you can also use your lead magnet to re-engage with your list. Think of it as a bribe, hah.

Great responses! I’ll use this on my course creation journey too!

Thank you guys for your advice! @Eman I’m building a general list. My audience are content creators, photographers, influencers, designers, Etsy makers, social media managers, solepreneurs, Videographers. My lead magnet is a PDF cheatsheet and I’m teaching stop motion animation. Can you also give some tips on how can my lead magnet encourage my audience to sign up for my courses in the future?