How many emails would you send out in a two week period to launch a low ticket masterclass?

I hate when I get emails everyday from marketers, on the other hand, people buy my stuff every time I send out an email. what is your take on it?

I think using a drip sequence is best. Since this is a low ticket offer, you don’t need too many emails to convince a prospect to buy. So, around 4 emails between cart open and cart close is more than enough!

I am sending out day 1,2,3 and 5 on a 5 day launch. I have seen training to do 2 emails on the last day, one in the morning and one with 6 hours left. Emails on day 2 and 3 are about the subject of the course with maybe a freebie download and just a mention of the course. I have another course to launch on Monday so may do the 2 emails on the last day to see if that encourages buyers. This launch will be for 7 days so will probably do day 1, 3, 5 and two on day 7.

So much to un pack

Simplified version:

The more emails you send… the more money you’ll make


The more emails you send… the more unsubscribes you’ll get

My personal take… I don’t really care about unsubscribes… those people probably wouldn’t have bought from me anyway so what’s the point of having them on my list ?

And… what’s the point of having a list if I’m not going to email and make money from it?


The people that unsubscribe are still on FB group - so I can always sell to them on here 🙂

But… if you don’t like getting emails every day… it MAY not be congruent with you…

Thank you for sharing your ideas @John_Dewey , @Fhey and @ananya ! I appreciate it!