How many new emails should a new business expect to grow by each month?

I wondered if anyone could help with this question. I’m a new business, building up my email database.
Thx :pray:

It’s really going to vary a lot, based on what methods you’re using… paid vs. all organic, etc. I have been in business for years and I add about 150 people to my list per month right now. But I’m not in a rush. I prefer quality over quantity on my list!

So many variables !

The more marketing you do (providing it’s good) the more emails you’ll get!

That’s going to vary based on the work you put into and your marketing… not to mention your content… Where are you distributing material? Who’s your audience? What’s your lead magnet? Are you doing summits? or Paid ADs?

@John_Dewey absolutely agree, I’m gathering emails organically. Via lead magnets. I’ve just started my 1st one, so far I’ve got 40 emails in one month. 150 per month is amazing. Thx for sharing !:pray:

Thank you as well for your responses @Fhey and @JorgeCruz ! :slightly_smiling_face: