How much should I charge for an online course?

I have an idea for a course that’s going to mimic consulting marketing program. It’s going to be probably over a series of 1 week (6-7 day course). It’s about content marketing strategies and how people can DIY their content marketing in a streamlined and consistent way.

What is a starting price that I would charge for something like that? I’ve never done something like that before and just wanted some advice as far as what courses like that would go for. Thanks.

At the bottom end, I’d a<$250, but if you’re an established authority in the space, and you have a following, the sky’s the limit.

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thanks a bunch for your input @Eman !

As Eman mentioned, if your course is on the meatier side, definitely don’t go below $250!

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I would jump on the phone with past clients and people that would be your ideal client. Ask them what they think about the program style, curriculum, price point, etc. that will give you your answer!

Pricing is tricky - and to be honest their isn’t a perfect or right price for your course, just the right price for your students paired with the value they will receive.

The more value you give, the higher the price can be.

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I would start by sending an email to all your 1:1 clients asking for their feedback (aka market research). Could they see how the course would be valuable as opposed to a 1:1? What would they pay for a self-paced course knowing now what content, guidance and help they will receive.

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@LewisC926 this is helpful, thanks!

@felise356 great advice. Thank you!

Thank you for your response!