How much time do you invest in designing a course outline with clear learning outcomes prior to designing your course?

Hey everyone, just new here. I hope you can help me with the question. Also in your opinion, is it worth your time?

When we vet courses for Terrain, we make sure that the course outline and objectives are well designed. In my opinion, it’s important that the objectives and learning outcomes are clear for a course that feels complete.

absolutely! That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing @ananya !

Student Success is the number one thing. Anything you can do to make the student succeeded is GOLD in your pocket.

I spend more time outlining my courses than anything else, you have to find the right things to put into the course, and know what to leave out.

I only spend a lot of time if the offer has been validated and the course sells… no point in creating a whole course if it doesn’t sell well. So… sell first, create later.

Learning outcomes - start with the end in mind, not the other way around. Mapping the journey before you have the outcomes/transformation clear can be effective but time consuming. However, your outcome shouldn’t fit your content. Your outcome should determine your content.

Definitely. The best courses have a clear structure and as others have said, measurable outcomes. I use Trello to map it all out. It’s easy to add and move pieces around plus keep files etc

I could not agree more. Thanks for sharing!

Trello is a great idea for Storyboarding. I have used that and also post it notes! I’m a paper kind of girl - it goes into the computer once I’m sure. But same logic! !:clap:

I get that. To sell first, what’s your minimal viable product? As in, do you have some type of outline to sell, and of so, what’s the minimum work you would put into it?

I’m a bit confused with the last sentence !:thinking:

Lol. It should read your outcome should determine your content. Whoops! Edited *

I assumed that! But also didn’t want to make that assumption! I agree !:100:

in my opinion, if I may share, without learning outcomes your content has no direction. Has no purpose!

I agree, well said! :+1: :+1: :+1:

If you’re teaching a live course, I think it’s fine to create the content as you go, especially if you tailor it to questions and knowledge gaps that come up along the way. But you still need to have clear learning objectives for each section in mind before you start, not least because you can use those in marketing the course. For self-paced courses, it’s very important to have clear learning objectives and signs of mastery for each objective, i.e. how do they know they’ve learned what you wanted to teach?

Hey there! When I presold my course, I didn’t have a product yet, but I had a validated course idea (I spoke to my target audience on the phone to validate it).

I pitched that idea to my email list (letting them know the course wasn’t created yet), and asked if they wanted to be on the ground floor, and get the course at the lowest price it would ever be at. I had 5 people sign up! (My email list was roughly 300 people).

Let me know if you have more questions!

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That’s a solid plan, Monique. You should 100% validate your course before you start investing heavily into marketing it, it seems simple, but so many people skip this step!