How to offer a higher level course at the tail end of a micro course?

Hello everybody! I’m new to this group, I appreciate any ideas you can share.

Hey! Are you wondering from a marketing perspective? I would give the purchasers of the micro course a coupon code for the amount of the small course to be used towards the big course.

If it’s from a marketing perspective, go ahead and give your students a coupon code or a special offer when they finish the micro course. Promote the full course as going more in-depth and expanding the student’s skills.

@Evansjan22 and @ananya Yes, from a marketing perspective. That’s a great idea! Would you do that at the end of the course?

@RenFranz19 yep - you could also do a follow up email say after a week.

That’s very helpful. Thank you, @Evansjan22 !