I started blogging, but my blogs do not have views. What can I do?

I started blogging last year to kill boredom during the quarantine. My topics where generally about family and sharing my experience with home gardening. I thought people will be interested in it but sadly I only get few views. How can I increase the number of my views?

What have your marketing efforts been like thus far? Are you keeping SEO in mind when you’re writing your posts or are they more like journal entries? Have you made use of Pinterest at all?

Hi @amber, my posts are more like journal entries. I have not used Pinterest before, is it a good tool too to get more views?

Definitely try to make the best use of SEO in your content (I recommend taking Daniel Lamb’s course on content creating with SEO in mind ). It’s the single most important thing you can be doing to reach a wider audience!

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It’s a great tool. I have a free e-course on it if you’d like to learn more: amberlozzi.com/free-pinterest-pinning-power-up/

Thank you @ananya and @amber for your recommendations! I’ll check that out! :heart: :slightly_smiling_face: