If I want to start my own business about what things should I learn on the side while in school?

I’m still studying but planning to start my own business after graduation. What are the skills I should learn to prepare my self in putting up my own business?

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Take as many courses as possible! On Terrain we have courses on everything from DIY Copy to setting up your #WFH space. Every single course is geared towards people who own or want to start their own business and they’re handpicked and vetted by a team of experts. You can poke around!


+1 to everything Ananya said. If you’re in uni though, try and take classes that emphasize both writing and analytical skills. Business courses are naturally a good idea, but also look at things like philosophy, economics, statistics!

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Great advice, thank you @ananya and @eman_45 ! :blush:

If I were to set up a WFH space, what are the best courses you can recommend on Terrain? I’m actually fascinated with photo and video editing so I think I might go that route in the future.