Is it necessary to be in the video course at all times?

I have a question, when you create your online courses, should you ensure that you are on the video course at all times? Preferably somewhere in the corner, such as Adam Preiser on WPCrafter in teaching WordPress. I take other courses and never see the presenter. Is there a psychology behind this? I know many are afraid of the video and do not show themselves. Thoughts, pros, and cons?

You don’t need to be in the video at all times. In fact, some of the most popular courses from Copyhackers and such have plenty of share screen ‘over the shoulder’ type videos. I remember their 10x FB ads didn’t show the presenter at all and it’s one of their most successful courses!

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I watched a summary from Amy Porterfield one time on this. She basically said there are three kinds of videos to do: 1) just your slide deck; 2) video on you; 3) a mixture of the two. Her thoughts were to start with a video of a slide presentation. I think that is great advice.

Adam has been doing it for a long time and is a pro at being in front of the camera and probably has good editing chops.

First time? I would probably do a video of the slide deck presentation with the voice over. You could do an intro video of just you, that would probably make sense, if you are comfortable.

Just my thoughts.

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@copyflightco that makes sense. I will go with that as well. Thank you!

Thank you for the advice @ananya !

I think it’s good to show your face, helps to build a bit of a connection with the viewer - useful if you want your customers to feel more of a closer relationship, particularly if your course is more coaching/ mentoring like !:slightly_smiling_face:

Speaking as more of a consumer than creator since I’m still early in the creation process, I echo the value of having full video for intro and at least a small overlay during the course. I’ve taken dozens of courses on Udemy and other places and those that have the best feel always include the instructor in a corner shot. It just makes it feel less like someone is sitting in a dark room reading a script to you and more like an actual lecture or conversation.

I like to be full video in the beginning to introduce the training then hop over to slides for the training (without the small video of me). A lot of times I’ll also end with me back on full video to wrap up.