Is it okay to build a blog site to collect a list or should I pay and build a membership site right away?

I definitely want to create a membership site with a course, one day. Right now- no list, no following, no soc media, nothing. Just an idea and a song in my heart. I want to start with a Blog and give away free information, tips, etc. My question is, should I start with a low-cost blog site to collect a list and then migrate people over to the membership site when I’m ready? Or should I pay for and build a membership site right away and blog on it while I’m working on the course and other membership benefits? I don’t want to turn people off or create more work for myself migrating people over (assuming it is a lot of work). But I also don’t want to pay for something I’m not going to use for potentially many months. Thanks!

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I think you are going in the right direction. Start with your blog and build an audience and a list. You can even test some of your content.

Worry about the membership stuff later. There are tons of platforms you can use or you may just start out putting it on Terrain. You will always want your website.

Let me know if I can help.

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I agree with @copyflightco, build an audience first. Memberships are volume plays, so your best bet is to start creating great content and get people onto your email list. So whenever you’re actually ready, you can start selling the membership.

Your website and the platform you’ll use for the membership will likely be different! So don’t worry about migration just yet.

@copyflightco and @eman thank you for your input! This made me more excited to start! :grinning:

@copyflightco, how can I start with Terrain?