Is Mac a good tool for editing videos?

Hey! Need your input! I need a new computer BIG TIME, and since I do workout videos, I need to be able to edit them. Thinking about a Mac and maybe a desktop vs laptop because of the additional functionality. I’ve never had a Mac…so I don’t know much about them except they’re supposed to be better for editing video!

Any creatives out there (or just someone who edits their own videos, adding music, etc) what kind of computer do you recommend and/or use? Many many thanks!!

Mac is great (I own a MacBook Air and used to use FinalCut Pro to edit all my videos in college and it worked out fantastic). iMovie is also super quick and easy and it comes pre-downloaded so you don’t have to worry about installing a plug-in.

@ananya thanks so much for your response! Do you find any cons using Mac for editing videos?

Also, since you have mentioned about FinalCut Pro and iMovie which of the two is better? I might try using these too. Can you also share some videos you have created? I hope you don’t mind, just curious. :see_no_evil:

Once you go Mac you won’t go back. I have a MacBook Pro and a desktop iMac with 21”. For design work I would definitely go for the iMac desk top with 21” as the size of the screen helps when wanting to do finer work. I use the Adobe cloud programs. Illustrator for designs and Adobe premier pro for video editing. I can highly recommend them. There are also loads of tutorials on Adobe as well YouTube that explains anything you could possibly want to do.