Is there a payment system I can use that offer installment payments?

Hi everyone! I’m launching my website soon and have a question regarding payment plans. To provide some context, I’m a tutor and I would be selling my services through my website.
I’ve built my site in Wix and I’m trying to set up an online payment system for my services. However, Wix (and its payment providers like Stripe) only have weekly, monthly, or yearly payment plans. However, none of these options work for me since i wanted to offer instalment payments.
I’ve created a Creative Writing course for students which I will be delivering online (essentially its not a course that you buy and do yourself). There will be weekly classes similar to regular tutoring but this is a learning program (think of it like an SAT prep course for example). The duration of the course is for 9 months and let’s say it costs $1000 - i wanted there to be 3 payment plans:
1 - full payment of $1000
2-instalments (every 4.5 months) of $500 each time
3 instalments (every 3 months) of ~$333.33 each time
Does anyone know of an online payment system that allows for this? Alternatively, I was thinking of asking my clients to e-transfer. But, I’m worried that e-transfer might make the business look less credible…What are your thoughts?"

I use paysmart it’s a 3rd party payment system and you have options to adjust things around suspend cancel etc.

Hmm those are some tricky payment plan time frames. Have you considered other payment platforms like Zip or Afterpay? Not sure if you have these. Otherwise it might be a case of you having to manually process the payments when due.

@LewisC926 and @Evansjan22 thank you for your suggestions! I’ll check that out! You guys are awesome! :heart: