Monthly Community Updates: May 2021

Hi all,
We’ve decided to start doing a monthly update for the Terrain community. The goal is to give the community some more insight into what’s going on at Terrain: what we’ve been working on and what’s on our minds!

The Learning Interface

We’re continuing to do our best to make the learning interface as robust and intuitive as possible. We’ve now added:

  • A brand new dashboard for learners, check it out here
  • Notebooks (so you can store your notes from all your courses)
  • Takeaways and Action Items prompts to encourage you to break down your learnings and actually implement
  • Google Doc Exports: You can export your notes to Google Docs and Notion
  • You can also share your notes to the roundtables
  • We have new badges for you to earn. You can access these from your Student Dashboard.

General Updates

  • You can now upvote reviews you find helpful
  • The inbox functionality has been updated

For Instructors

  • A new instructor dashboard! This allows you to get a snapshot view of your overall earnings as well as get more granular information about your courses. This is still in beta and there are a few bugs that we’re tackling.
  • The new instructor dashboard also lets you email your current students as well as students who have your course on their wishlist directly from your profile
  • Our long-anticipated Course Studio is now live. This means instructors can make changes to their courses or upload new ones without having to go through us.
  • If you’re submitting a new course, it will still go through our team for vetting before it goes live.
  • And as a fun touch, you can listen to a playlist curated by the community as you set things up!
  • We also have the ability to create product bundles. Our first being Tamara Glick’s #WFH stack.

Upcoming Webinars

  • We’ve committed to bringing one free course to Terrain every week. Watch your email for invites to these every week.
  • And access past ones as free courses here: Terrain | Where Growth Happens

Coming Soon

  • Mobile responsiveness has unfortunately been on the back burner, but that is now going to be the number one priority for our team.

As always, thank you so much for being part of the Terrain community! And please continue to point out bugs to our team as you spot them!