Should I wait and get more feedback before finishing my course?

Question from the starting line. :pray: I started writing my course and am about 2/3 done. I did a beta test for a live lead magnet/webinar and got feedback that makes me unsure about the content I should include. My email list is zero so I’m wondering if I should wait and build that with a blog and get more feedback before finishing a course that doesn’t deliver what the client wants??? I feel like I’m going a hundred miles an hour nowhere.

I definitely wouldn’t invest the time to build a full course until you know what your client wants. You could start with a mini-course and really take time to listen to them. You can always build the course as your go and invite some beta testers to join you and give honest feedback.

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Definitely listen to feedback! If you feel like your course is too much of a time sink in the process, invest instead in creating a mini-course and see how that goes.

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I think pre-selling your course is the best way to go. Write a good outline and see if people want to buy before putting all that effort to build a course that nobody wants. Also, before even building an outline, you want to survey your audience to see what they want. You mentioned you don’t have an email list. Do you have some kind of social media following so you can survey an audience of your ideal client? If you have neither an email list or social media following, start building one before making a course. You want to take the right step at the right time and not put the cart in front of the horse.

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You can build your list as you build your course. Are you part of any groups that your ICA hangs out? Are they on your FB or IG already? Tell them you are creating a freebie and who wants it… start a conversation with these people and they could be your first customers!

You can sell your course before having it 100% complete and I always actually recommend my clients to teach live the first 3 times (and the Amazing thing about this is that you won’t do all the work without knowing If someone will buy).

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Momentum is good! Don’t put on the brakes if you don’t have to. I am a proponent of getting off the ground as quickly as possible, trusting your gut, and pairing that with a strong marketing communication. (I didn’t even have half of my course finished when I had already closed $10k of sales for that same course- launched it before it was done, and ended up finishing it WHILE the first round of students was in it. It ended up being a way stronger course at the end than I originally had bc I was able to adapt in action).

*A really good question to ask is whether or not your lead magnet/webinar communicated clearly enough to attract the same ICA you’d like to become your customer. Sometimes, it’s actually your marketing message that needs to be tweaked & strengthened to highlight the value of your course instead of changing your entire offer. The core of your business IS your course. The strategy to get them into your course is the funnel/customer journey your ICA takes to become your customer. If you continue to change your entire offer every time your marketing activities receive different feedback, it will be very difficult to ever get your business out of the gate.

Hope this helps!!

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You don’t have to finish your course before you have people with interest. Wait to see who subscribes and if it’s worth finishing then finish it!

thanks! I have created s coming soon wait list. Not I just have to fill it! Thanks for your time!!:pray: