What are your hacks/tips/ideas for people to finish a free 5-Day online course?

Hi, I have started creating a course that will focus on managing your personal finances. I need to brainstorm ideas and be more creative on how my students can finish the course in 5 days. Any thoughts? Thank you for your time!

Hi @John_Dewey you can give something for free who engage most during the 5 day course.

Now it could be any physical thing, any digital thing, any tools.

So they engage with you everyday

Run a survey and ask them.

Thanks for the tips! @jaynah1208 @Janine

Best way to find out what people want is to go and ask them…

@John_Dewey Let me know how it goes. I think you’re really onto something here, a lot of people don’t complete courses. If we knew why maybe we could create strategies to help them! :grin:

@RenFranz19 thank you!

@jaynah1208 this one is free so kind of expected in a way as there is no strong commitment. My engagement on this one is also limited but still it is 5 videos of 12min and easy exercises.

Do you have access to data to find when most people are dropping off - e.g. engagement rate reports? This will give you a lot of insights and you can identify if there is a technical problem or an engagement problem. I agree with @jaynah1208 that a survey is a quick and easy option.

Speak in their language, what triggers them. I recently did a 30 day challenge and I turned up every day and finished it because the host said it would be rude for me to start and not finish - I can’t possibly be rude!

@Fhey thank you Kat, not enough data yet and on my way!:pray:

@RenFranz19 absolutely!

@JorgeCruz thank you for your input!

@John_Dewey One strategy I’m currently playing with is “gamification” to help to keep people engaged. But without data it’s tricky.

@jaynah1208 Yes definitely on my roadmap - as that’s also a strong value of mine - love having fun! And I love creating experiences for people that are transformative and fun ! :slightly_smiling_face: