What are your opinions on the trend to use IG story questions to "drop your email" in order to add them to an email list?

I have some thoughts, but curious for those of you with experience in building your email. What do you think?

Personally, I see it as a bit counter-productive since prospective clients are less likely to drop their email over Instagram than on a well-constructed opt-in page. However, it can’t hurt to try!

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I would use their email for a double opt-in… i.e., send them an email with a link so they could verify they do indeed want to be on my list.

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You need proof they gave you permission or you’re vulnerable if someone reports you later for privacy/spam laws. The safest way is to send them to a form on your email list provider that asks the right things and saves their permission. But if you do have people drop an email on a paper list, on a FB group sign up, on an IG story, etc…save proof!!

Save the paper, take a screenshot of their message, whatever you can do. I can’t promise it’s foolproof, every country’s laws are different, but it’s definitely safer than not saving something.

Good idea! Thank you @Evansjan22 !

Thank you for taking time to respond @RenFranz19 and @ananya !