What can I use to create my list?

This is my first post in the group :wave:t2:
:art:I don’t have a list yet but know I need to start one!
:art:I’m an artist and have been focusing my efforts on selling my Art but I’ve just successfully run 3 free zoom art sessions for kids and they are asking for more.
:art:so my question is what ways could I capitalise on this to move forward and start a list?
I’m thinking maybe a free video email course or a mini course and was wondering what people think of these ideas.
Also I was thinking I could maybe do some market research on my Instagram stories but I’m not sure what to ask!!!
Thank you :heart_eyes:"

How exciting @Fhey !!! First steps would be signing up for an email service provider. We really like ConvertKit, but there are lots of great options and you can search this group by the keyword “ESP” or “email service provider” to find the references of your peers. Then, whenever you’re doing one of your online classes, be sure to capture emails when people enroll! ConvertKit allows you to set up a simple landing page that you can send people to enroll that will automatically collect emails. Then once people are on your email, you’ll want to make sure you’re staying in contact with them. If your ideal clients are the parents of these kids, you may send out a weekly craft project, or tip for keeping your kids creative, or upcoming class dates, etc. etc. Things that make them glad to see your name pop up in their inbox! You’re off to a great start, friend!

Maybe develop a series of art classes for kids by subscription. If they are asking for more- then give it to them- but charge them! As an auntie, I would gift this for my niece and nephews.

@felise356 thank you that’s a lovely idea. So like a monthly subscription?

I was just thinking maybe I could set up a you tube channel and post mini sessions on there like as a tester.

@Fhey I was thinking of a series of 6 or 8 lessons for one price, but you know where you are, better than I do. You could develop an online course that includes lessons that build on each other- even doing multiple levels. Something like- beginners course includes… level two lessons include… level three lessons include…

@felise356 yes love these great ideas thank you. I think a series of 6-8 lessons for one price would be fab.

@Fhey Me too. I think my my nephews and niece would love something like this. I use to buy classes for them as gifts, but with Covid they have disappeared. You could fill a niche and provide this service for fee. I love it!

@felise356 brilliant!!! Thanks so much for your feedback it’s so appreciated. Can I just confirm you’re meaning lessons with me like on zoom rather than pre recorded video (because that would lend itself more to a course wouldn’t it ?!) sorry I’m just trying to be absolutely clear. I’d love to make a course eventually but I do think it’s more beneficial to both parties to be there whilst teaching.

@Janine great idea thank you

Yes- start with live- but eventually you could market an e-course. You could do Zoom so they can show their work !:blush:

@felise356 perfect I love this. This is what I’ve been doing and both the children and I loved it. They love showing their work!!! Thanks so much for this I really really appreciate it.