What is the average length of your course videos?

Hello all, I have started my course videos on email marketing. How long does your course videos usually take? I’m new to this and would like to hear your ideas. Thank you!

10-15 is great. I think most of the ones I’ve taken lately are 6-10.

I’ve taken courses with longer videos (20-30 minutes), but it’s hard to stay engaged, especially when there are action items. I’ve also taken a course where each slide was 30-60 seconds and I had to manually advance each one—I didn’t make it far into that one.

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Your audience, as mentioned, won’t really stay engaged past the 15-minute mark. The shorter the better! 5-15 minutes is great.

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@Fhey , from experience, it is best to keep your videos as short as you can and keep each video to 1 topic (lesson). The longer the videos, you’ll run the risk of people getting distracted or not completing!

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@Evansjan22 and @ananya thank you for your input!

@gabflorence11 yes thanks. I’m in the course design field. I was more interested in how long others are commonly making them. But I agree with everything you mentioned. Totally!