What is the best plugin I can use to create a quiz as a lead magnet?

I’m creating a quiz as a lead magnet and hoping you all have some suggestions as to the best plugin.

In a nutshell, I have 5 questions, there are no right or wrong answers as we are trying to determine their constitution type. Users will have one answer per question and I’m hoping that as they answer, it will give points only to one of the possible answers. And at the end the answer with the highest score will determine their outcome and the email/video follow up.

I really hope that makes sense, it makes sense in my head. My developer is saying this can’t be done but I swear I’ve done tons of these “what’s yours type” quizzes. Thanks :slight_smile:

Try using Typeform, if your blog is on WordPress, it also has great plug ins for quizzes

Thanks for the info @ananya , I’ll check that out!