What to do when you're spinning your wheels?

Here’s my situation:

12.1k followers on IG for cooking techniques and knife skills. Decent engagement. Try to post to feed 1x/day and do more videos (most engaging).

Lead magnet is a system on creating weekly meals (my audience pain point) 1200 email subs but I am creating exclusive email content right before I send which is really draining me. The goal is to take the older email content and put it on the blog and generate more page views. No ads at the moment.

Ebook on how to cook without recipes $14, sold a few but I don’t have a marketing plan. Don’t make money any other way.

Would love to create a knife skills course and eventually a cooking without recipes course but I don’t feel ready since the above is really draining me since I have a day job plus 2 young girls.

Any advice is appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Perhaps you can reduce the number of times you post on socials? Look at your audience trends and try to analyze when your followers are interacting the most with your posts (ex. day, time). Tailor your social media approach to that. So if your followers are most active on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, go ahead and post only on those days.

Yeah, maybe that would help so I can start focusing on creating the course, thank you for your advice @ananya!

Try to simplify your content creation. Create ONE original piece per week (it sounds like video is probably the answer - maybe look at doing a story that teases the full technique and driving people to a YouTube channel or blog on your site with a full video - this way you could film, say, a months worth of videos (4) in two hours and then just have the story teasers to do.)

Then repurpose that ONE piece into multiple social posts, your email, etc. The weekly content is the base/big thing. The email drives people to that content. The social posts drive people to that content.

Then make sure to mention your lead magnet once a week on social. And you may want to look at your lead magnet and make sure it’s a natural lead-in to your cooking without a recipe ebook. You can actually promote the ebook from your lead magnet. You could also set up your email client so that, say, 4 weeks after someone downloads your lead magnet and gets on your list they get an email from you along the lines of, “hey, I hope you’ve learned a ton in the last month, in case you’re looking to step up your improv kitchen game, I wanted to make sure you knew about my ebook…” it’s a soft sell based around what you’re already doing, but it makes sure that everyone on your list hears about it in a consistent way.

I get where you’re coming from re: running out of steam! Look to see where you can simplify/streamline!

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@JorgeCruz thank you so much i really appreciate this. I will definitely take this to heart.

Why not turn your videos into your nurture emails? Not everyone sees them and you can always link your insta at the bottom of the email as well as your other free offers and your paid offer.

Personally I would focus on growing your email list while offering your ebook at a tripwire to your list. That way you can appeal to the right audience and get some revenue coming in, as well as position yourself as a business and having something to sell.

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I would first look into getting a va for 5-10 hrs a month. Have them repurpose your content. Take a video and create posts AND email AND blog. Done! If done well, it’s super doable and doesn’t take much time.

Then focus on course little bit at a time. Most try to conquer a course overnight. Nah. Start with a topic. Then outline. Then make a schedule of when you’ll make each module.

Happy to chat if you need to bounce ideas off of someone. I help coaches create courses regularly and have a team of VA’s so I’m happy to share some tips, If it’ll help! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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because my videos are what I create on IG, so what would be the incentive for people to get on my email list? I don’t mind creating longer content for the emails - which will eventually be content on my website…it’s just like the email subs get it first. The issue is that I have no system and I create and write the emails on Tuesday afternoon for sending that night and they are involved!!

Thank you for your additional input @Evansjan22 and @LewisC926 !