What's your strategy for redirecting traffic when you decide to "retire" a lead magnet?

I have several lead magnets that I created YEARS ago (honestly for a different audience than my current ICA), and it’s time that I ““retire”” them, but I don’t want people who find those old blog posts organically and click the link to just find a 404 page.

That’s why I’m trying to decide a graceful way to let them know - “Sorry, this XYZ guide is no longer available, but perhaps one of these alternatives could help you?”

What have ya’ll done to gracefully guide people without jarring them?

Do you have the option to go back and edit your old blog posts to include new lead magnets? That would be the most ideal! If not, you can link them to a new magnet that will provide similar value that they won’t be too bummed about being transferred to.

Unfortunately I don’t have the option to update. Yeah, I think I’ll try your second advice, thank you @ananya !

I always use a 301 redirect. I’ve often done a landing page that says something to the effect of “Shoot, this resource is no longer available, but hey, here’s another resource that I think you’ll be interested in” and then add a call to action to sign up for another lead magnet you’ve created that is still available that you think would be relevant. Don’t lose the lead!

I saw someone (can’t think who) who created a 404 page and basically said it was retired and check out these other options. The wording was a lot better than what I said. But it was nice to have options than a dead end.

@Evansjan22 Yeah, that’s what I’m imagining too… I just figured I would consult the community creativity and vast experience to see if anyone has innovative ideas about how to message/redirect people without creating a “jarring” inconsistency between what they were expecting and what’s now available.

@John_Dewey nice idea, thanks!