Which is a better lead magnet, a free ebook or a free course?

A question for the team here since I highly value the discussions in this group. I have launched my first course, and am now into the marketing “game.” I am now moving forward in building my list. I have built numerous lists before, but they do not relate to the courses I am creating, so this will be a brand new list. I am now determining what my “lead magnet” should be. My choice is between a free ebook that I have created or a free mini-course that I have also developed that is a precursor to my main “paid” course. Those who have created “lead magnets”, my question to you is this: “would a free course have a greater response than a free ebook with essentially the same content?” I would love to know what you think and why, and what you have experienced. I want to learn. Thanks in advance guys!

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If your end goal is to sell a course, a free mini-course is the ultimate marketing weapon to actually get more people to purchase the final course. Of course, the mini-course should relate to the topic of your course and should follow a similar structure for that to work.

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While both are good options, a mini-course will definitely be more engaging than an e-book, which will help a) provide a better leaning experience for your students and b) give you the opportunity to establish a connection with your students instead of just handing them an e-book to read by themselves.

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@ananya and @madhulika thank you for your responses, I appreciate it! I’ll then go and create a mini-course! :blush:

I think it all depends how compelling your lead magnet is

i dont think the delivery makes as much as an impact as making it irresistible to a solution someone craves

I do think course could either sound to arduous to some people and maybe high value to others.

So i guess it would be again in comparison to the result they get which makes more sense?

And also these would be great questions to poll to your target audience.

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I personally think creating a lead magnet like 2 months before your launch of a small piece that gives your audience a quick win, and then a week before you launch I would look at giving access to 1 free lesson to your course to drive more sales from those people sitting on the fence!

Hope that helps!

I should of explained that a little bit better, lead magnet = warming your email marketing leads and your free lesson = convert the sales.

At some point, you’ll probably offer both. Webinars and PDFs typically attract different people.

So, start with the one that’s easiest for you to create. And be sure it’s well-aligned with your offer. (as in, the obvious next step would be your paid offer.)

Love this question @JorgeCruz !

Best answer I can give…

Do both… .

See what works better !:slightly_smiling_face:

And rotate - one month - use your eBook… one month - use your mini course !:slightly_smiling_face:

Good thoughts @RenFranz19 Thanks!

Yes, I like it. To sum up, what I hear you saying, is this: give a small piece of the course content that is part of the main course a couple of months prior to releasing the main course. This whets their appetite and then gets them excited, anticipating the course launch and ready to snap it up. Then a week before launch, a free lesson of the course that clinches the deal. Love it!!!:heart_eyes: Thanks :pray:

you are right! My only concern was myself. And that may only be me. I have downloaded a number of “free” lead magnet ebooks, and they all sit on my virtual shelf. When I download them I really mean to get to them “shortly” and never do. But if someone gives me a free video with valuable content, I automatically look and listen. When I see free podcast videos with a ton of content, I watch and listen. And am loving them. Thank you !

Makes sense, thanks!

Thanks, everyone who responded to my question!! I have learned so much from your comments. You are all great trainers!! Thanks so much!!:pray::pray::pray: