Would you recommend creating contents using a different account?

Hi! I’ve got a quick question… when people have a few different course ideas with different target audience, would you recommend creating contents using different account?
For instance, if I want to create two courses as a language teacher, one on teaching parents how to teach their kids other language at home, and the other on teaching language teachers how to improve their teaching skills, Do you think it’s better to have a separate account for Instagram or Youtube and use one account for one topic? Or is it okay to create content for two topics on one account?
Hope it makes sense… would appreciate your ideas!!

Hey! If you want to be seen as the authority on all things language teaching, it’s totally okay to have both these courses running from the same account!

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You’re teaching others how to teach a language.

Some might start as parents teaching their kids and then want to teach as a living.

Some paid teachers might have kids and suddenly wonder how to teach their kids a language.

If you can show you help those two segments of your market then I think it improves your perceived authority on the subject of teaching language teachers.

I’d probably start with both on the same channels and website and separate if there’s a business case later on.

I guess there’d be some concepts that apply to both markets. I’d also guess that you could create content to help both markets simultaneously?

“Here’s a tip to help teach X. (Gives tip.)

If you’re teaching adults and they struggle with Y then this is how to help them…

If you’re teaching kids they’ll often do Z and here’s something I found helps…”

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Are those courses going to be hosted in the same website or on different platforms? I think it will be quite tough to promote more than one website at the same time, so either have them all in the same place or just launch one and keep the second one for next year.

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Same account. Language teaching is the theme of your socials.

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Thanks @gabflorence11 !:pray:

A lot of great advice here! Thank you for your input! :slightly_smiling_face: